NPR’s National Teachers Initiative: A nice pick-me-up for teachers

I stumbled across NPR’s National Teacher Initiative Today.  With all of the teacher bashing that is out there, it’s nice to hear inspiring stories about how teachers and students affect each others’ lives.

Check out the article here:

NPR’s National Teachers Initiative

Don’t forget to thank a teacher! 🙂


3 thoughts on “NPR’s National Teachers Initiative: A nice pick-me-up for teachers

  1. The problem with NPR serving as cheerleaders for teachers is that when it comes to reporting education news (the job we WANT them to do well), they can’t seem to get away from their clouded view. There are many problems in public education. We need for our news organizations to remain clear-headed so that they can accurately report on these problems. NPR has abandoned that mission in favor of an overall pro-teacher stance which, in the short-term may feel good, but in the big picture does great harm to efforts to reform and advance our profession. This, of course, is all driven by the fact that they get HUGE donations from teachers and teacher organizations. It’s a corrupting dynamic.

    • Thanks for your input. I posted this article because I thought the stories were great. I don’t disagree with you and I hope that all media accurately portrays our profession. I’m the type that always wished that the people who try to pass laws about teaching should try to spend a day in the teacher’s shoes.

      • We agree, Abby. Too many people in the media and politics seem to think that just because they were once students, that they are therefore experts about schools. That would be like us claiming to be experts about medicine just because we have taken some aspirin.

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