The Creativity Gap: What’s the Role of Creativity in Society?

Just recently, Adobe conducted a study about creativity. They asked people about their own creativity and its role in the economy, society, workplace and our classrooms. I think the infographic is self-explanatory.

Adobe elaborates on how to close the creativity gap:

So, what can we do to close the creativity gap? First, we need to make time for creativity as well as provide the necessary technology tools and training. Productivity and creativity should not be mutually exclusive – we all need to find ways to create at work, rather than considering it a weekend hobby or luxury for those with more time. As for our educational institutions, they need to foster the growth of the entire child, with more opportunities to participate in arts programs and foster “out of the box” creative thinking. Most importantly, we all need to think of creativity more broadly – it’s not just the domain of professional designers or artists. It’s a critical capability in a successful society and one that is in all of us.

Check out the full report.


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