Instagram Fridays: Obama supports same-sex marriage

I found this post yesterday in Obama’s Instagram feed.  I decided to feature this photo because of its photojournalistic impact.  At this point we pretty much know Obama’s views on same sex marriage.  Even though this isn’t a political blog, what I have to say about this is “Bravo!”  I know it’s an election year and that it may be just “too convenient.”  But, I applaud our president for standing up for the basic right to marry the person we love.  I am a supporter of gay marriage because I believe marriage in general is a personal issue that should be between two adults without the need of government intervention.  At the same time, I believe that religious and private organizations should follow their doctrines as they see fit.  What I don’t believe in is force-feeding your views onto other people.

So once again, President Obama, in behalf of my any of my friends and family who identify themselves as gay, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Instagram Fridays: Obama supports same-sex marriage

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