Why I haven’t been posting

Usually every Mondays, I have Motivational Mondays and every Friday I have Instagram Fridays.  I like writing this blog but lately I’ve been going through a lot on my mind when it comes to my job search looking for work as an art teacher.  On a personal note, I’m going through some financial difficulties which mostly hails from not being called often to substitute teach.  This has bought great stress to me and with encouragement from friends and loved ones, I’m trying to stay more positive and take steps to ease the burden of my current situation.

Another thing that added to my stress was me putting pressure on myself after an interview for a long-term sub position for an elementary art teacher.  I convinced myself that I HAD TO HAVE the job to the point that because I wanted it so much that I started to believe the universe wouldn’t give it to me.  When I was at the interview, I couldn’t tell what the vibe was.  It was just neutral.  Nothing bad happened but nothing amazing happened either.  In fact, I haven’t even heard back but I’m praying hard each and everyday to get myself out of a hole I dug myself in.

To be honest, I probably haven’t been following my own advice from my Motivational Mondays post.  While I won’t stop posting Motivational Mondays, I need to learn to practice what I preach.

The only way I can be in the right state of mind is to remind myself of all of the great things I do have: God, friends, family, fiancé, my health etc.  I am eternally grateful for all of those things.  When I have such an amazing support system like my family, friends, fiancé, God etc, then I really have no reason to worry.

I am working on this everyday.  I thank all of you for taking the time to read this.

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6 thoughts on “Why I haven’t been posting

  1. Hope you don’t mind my jumping on in here – I just started a blog today and came across your post while learning to navigate this little corner of the web.
    I thought of a few things that might be worth thinking about to keep your resume actively progressing and help keep you networking with others in your field. Adult Education – people teach classes at community colleges and local high schools (here, any way). Often there is a minimum number of students required for the class to take place, so the instructors are not committing themselves to end up holding a x-session class for too few students to make it profitable for the instructors time. Also, is there a Boys & Girls Club, or some other after school program for youth in your area you could volunteer at? I know it won’t help with the bills – but it will keep you networking and visible in the community you hope to be employed in. I’ve only read this one post thus far – so I am sorry if what I’ve brought up has already been discussed.
    Best of luck to you!

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