Instagram Fridays: Instagrams of Israel Defense Forces Soldiers

I’m not an expert on U.S.-Israeli relationships or Israeli politics and current events but I found these Instagram photos of Israeli soldiers fascinating.

These were originally posted on 


“#idf #israel #army #soldier #life #like #girl #girls מצאנו זמן לסגור שבת…”



“Out in the sun, in the dust of the war, one nation standing stronger than before #sabaton #primovictoria #israel #idf #warrior #kill #colt #m16 #tweegram #instalove #sexy #bomb #rockstar #fire #5.56 #nevergiveup #sleaze #instagood #happy #sleep”



“אני והחיילים שלי… @gilador @amirovadia #insta_global #israel_only #ig_israel #idf #army #nahal”

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Sandy Update

I’m writing to let my readers know that I am safe and sound after Hurricane Sandy.  My family and I only lost power for a few days and I spent some of the time making some art.

However, the people in Lower Manhattan, Breezy Point, Staten Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey need help!

You can donate to Red Cross here. 

Also, NBC Universal stations (MSNBC, NBC Network, USA, CNBC) are broadcasting a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy starting at 8pm ET.  Music Acts include Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, and Jon Bon Jovi with appearances from Jimmy Fallon and Matt Lauer.

One of many NY anthems:


Instagram Fridays: Obama supports same-sex marriage

I found this post yesterday in Obama’s Instagram feed.  I decided to feature this photo because of its photojournalistic impact.  At this point we pretty much know Obama’s views on same sex marriage.  Even though this isn’t a political blog, what I have to say about this is “Bravo!”  I know it’s an election year and that it may be just “too convenient.”  But, I applaud our president for standing up for the basic right to marry the person we love.  I am a supporter of gay marriage because I believe marriage in general is a personal issue that should be between two adults without the need of government intervention.  At the same time, I believe that religious and private organizations should follow their doctrines as they see fit.  What I don’t believe in is force-feeding your views onto other people.

So once again, President Obama, in behalf of my any of my friends and family who identify themselves as gay, thank you.