Artwork Inspired by my Favorite Young Adult Books

Growing up in the 90s, I read a lot of books.  Particularly, I love (this is in present tense I still love these books to this day) The Babysitter’s Club, Goosebumps, and the Sweet Valley series.

Which is why I am extra excited to see this article from Buzzfeed titled, “11 Works of Art Inspired by Young Adult Novels.”  After reading the article and looking at the pictures, it lead me to the website for Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles that has all of these works on display.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Colored pencil and ink on paper. Approximately 6

“Mary Anne” by Anne Sullivan

I honestly don’t remember Mary Anne from the Babysitter’s Club wearing glasses but overall, I think Sullivan captured her personality really well.

“Night of the Living Clay” by Cuddles and Rage

From the “Night of the Living Dummy” saga which is a part of the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stein.  Slappy the Dummy looks both evil and cute here.

“The Temptation of Stacey McGill” by Daisy Church

Ann M. Martin never fails to mention Stacey’s diabetes in every book.

“Jessica and Elizabeth” by Pricilla Wilson

I love this gold metallic silkscreen by Wilson because both Jessica and Elizabeth’s beauty is captured here without emphasizing their blond hair and blue eyes.

You can see more at Gallery1988.  Some of the pieces are still on sale.

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Grown Up Artists’ Interpretations of Children’s Art.

It’s common knowledge that children are creative, imaginative, and free-spirited.  They’re not burdened by self-defeat and doubt unlike most adults.  So it’s no wonder that three very different, very talented adult artists turn to children’s artwork for inspiration for their own work.

The Monster Engine

The Monster Engine is run by Dave Devries, an artist and graphic designer.  His idea for The Monster Engine started when his 6 year old niece was drawing in his sketchbook.  The  idea for the project is simple, “How would a child’s drawing look like if painted realistically?”  Devries turns children’s drawings into realistic creations. It’s common knowledge that most children don’t have the skills and experience of grown up artists.  The project doesn’t mean that we don’t view children’s drawings as good enough or valuable.  In fact, after watching a couple videos in the website, I saw how enthusiastic the children were when they were collaborating on a painting.  It’s always an honor when someone (especially one who you think is greater than you in skill and knowledge) finds inspiration in something you do, no matter how old you are.  Devries’ paintings have a wonderful, weird and creepy quality to them that is reminiscent of both comic books and Tim Burton.

The Monster Engine is a book, website, and lecture series.  Find out more here.

Bonus:  Check out this lesson plan inspired by The Monster Engine!

Yeondoo Jung

Yeondoo Jung is an artist based in Seoul, South Korea.  His beautiful photographs have a sense of fantasy and storytelling.  The colors are vivid and the compositions are dynamic.  In his  Wonderland (2005) series, he reinterprets children’s drawings with photography using costumes, props, and set design.

Child’s Own Studio

Child’s Own Studio is run by Wendy Tsao.  It is based on the idea of making a child’s drawing come to life by crafting a soft, plush, toy based on the drawing.  I can only imagine how happy the children are when they see a stuffed version of their own drawing :).  Child’s Own Studio takes custom orders and works with the customer personally by finding the right fabrics and techniques in reinterpreting the child’s drawings.  I imagine that the process takes a long time but it’s all worth it for a happy child.  Right now, Tsao is working through her orders but there are other craftspeople she recommends for the same time of project:

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful artwork of both the adult and children artists!

How to Spell and Other Things to Learn: A Sketchbook Exploration

A couple of posts back, I mentioned that I participated in Arthouse Coop’s Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition, which means that at least one of my sketchbook pages will be featured in their Limited Edition book when it’s released in the fall.  Obviously, I couldn’t pass up that opportunity ;-).  Anyway, my theme was How to Spell and Other Things to Learn.

Here are the pages to my book.  I sincerely hope you enjoy looking at them.  I encourage all of you to participate in any of Arthouse’s projects, especially the free ones :D.

How to Spell...
Inside Cover and Author page
Admit you love the unicorn sticker 🙂
1st page2nd page
3rd pageChildren have to be educatedThey're, their, thereBetter personAlways SmileLook at the bright side of lifeRelaxWhat I've learned in 26 years of life... Outling with a black marker does make art better 😛PineapplesWhat I've learned in 26 years part 2Unicorns!Share your ideas!

Regarding the last page, do you want to share something that you learned with me? Is there something that I need to learn? Do unicorns really make everything more awesome?Leave a comment below!