Motivational Mondays: Lessons from Boy Meets World

As a person who was born in the 80s, “Boy Meets World” was one of my favorite shows growing up.  Come to think of it, I can’t imagine any show today that is just as wholesome without being too preachy or gimmicky.  “Boy Meets World” also includes one of the best T.V. teachers in the world, Mr. Feeny.  I always thought it was a tad unrealistic that Mr. Feeny was their teacher from 6th grade to college but it made for some many amazing life lessons from the man himself.

This post is inspired by Buzzfeed’s “18 Things We Learned from ‘Boy Meets World‘” and “14 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Boy Meets World.

Note: Some of the images below are featured in the above articles while some are from searching Pinterest.

About Friendship:

That you always need that one person to turn to for wisdom:

About how we take things for granted:

About being open of the unknown:

Final scene of Boy Meets World (have tissues ready):

Bonus Eric Matthews wisdom:

The Feeny Call


Motivational Mondays: Inspiring Commencement Speeches

I hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day weekend!  Motivational Mondays is a little late simply because I was on vacation :).  Since it’s graduation season, here are some inspiring commencement speeches.

Jane Lynch speaks to Smith College graduates

Author Neil Gaiman speaks to the University of the Arts

Bonus: Andy Samberg humors Harvard University and pokes fun of its president and Yale University for Harvard’s Class Day

Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 2012!

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