Instagram Fridays: College Humor video about Instagram cliches

College Humor posted this incredibly hilarious video about cliché Instagram pictures.  I’m definitely guilty of some of these.  Are you?

Note: NSFW because of language.


My Instagram cliché pics (as evidenced in the video):

Most elaborate latte ever!

TCBY mmm!

Chipotle. I just got hungry as I was posting this.

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Geektroverted’s Blog: Star Wars Invades Famous Works of Art….and The Office

Good morning everyone!  Absurd art parodies always make me smile.  It reminds me of 9th grade studio art when my art teacher Mrs. Zaccarro assigned a project where we put a cartoon character into a famous painting.  I remember that I did one where the Powerpuff Girls totally take over one of Chagall’s paintings.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember which exact painting it was and I don’t have the actual artwork I did so I can post it.  Check out the link below which is featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed:

Star Wars Invades Famous Works of Art….and The Office.

Darth Vader

The Office