Some Artwork That I Find Amazing

Hey everyone!  I decided to deviate from my usual Instagram Fridays post and feature some amazing artwork that I’ve seen online this week.

This piece was featured in the blog post Friday Finds: Word Up!. by Artsy Forager.  I’m starting to fall more in love with word art and how I can include it into my work.  Plus, the message of this piece is very clear.


Member Spotlight: Rik Catlow by Doodlers Anonymous

While most people including myself would recycle a beer or soda can (Note: I actually made a bracelet out of a soda can and wore it all summer) , Rik Catlow uses it as a canvas for his urban pop style art.


Finally, I love the style of this piece titled “Be Fabulous” a bohemian art poster by Etsy seller Jenndalyn.  The combination of collage, texture, and color really stand out to me.


Also, don’t forget to check out my post about my new Etsy shop!


Instagram Fridays: Doodles of Instagram

What shows up when I type up #doodles on statigram:

by vico_12


by momokarina


by tinybiffi

by cinestar


by knivesofsummertime

Instagram Fridays: Doodling Documentation

I recently started to follow Doodlers Anonymous on Facebook.  As a doodle artist, I find the work featured in the site to be engaging and inspiring.  On August 20, 2012 DA featured an artist named Sophie Roach whose designs are bright and intricate.  Sophie documents her process on her Instagram account as well.




In fact, Sophie has inspired me to document my artwork on my Instagram.


Happy Creativity Time everyone!

How to Spell and Other Things to Learn: A Sketchbook Exploration

A couple of posts back, I mentioned that I participated in Arthouse Coop’s Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition, which means that at least one of my sketchbook pages will be featured in their Limited Edition book when it’s released in the fall.  Obviously, I couldn’t pass up that opportunity ;-).  Anyway, my theme was How to Spell and Other Things to Learn.

Here are the pages to my book.  I sincerely hope you enjoy looking at them.  I encourage all of you to participate in any of Arthouse’s projects, especially the free ones :D.

How to Spell...
Inside Cover and Author page
Admit you love the unicorn sticker 🙂
1st page2nd page
3rd pageChildren have to be educatedThey're, their, thereBetter personAlways SmileLook at the bright side of lifeRelaxWhat I've learned in 26 years of life... Outling with a black marker does make art better 😛PineapplesWhat I've learned in 26 years part 2Unicorns!Share your ideas!

Regarding the last page, do you want to share something that you learned with me? Is there something that I need to learn? Do unicorns really make everything more awesome?Leave a comment below!