Cool Ideas: The Metrocard Project

As a New Yorker (well more like someone who lives an hour away from the city but likes going there all the time), the humble Metrocard goes with me everywhere.  The yellow, blue, and black design is not the most aesthetically pleasing but at least it’s easy to find in my purse.

Melanie Chernock, a graphic designer studying at the School of Visual Arts, re-imagines the look of the Metrocard in The Metrocard Project.  After seeing all of these amazingly designed cards, I feel like collecting them all, like Pogs or Pokemon cards.

Here’s her statement:

“The Metrocard Project stemmed from an assignment to “create a deck of cards”. Even though the current Metrocard design has been around for years, it could use a little updating. The card gets so much exposure and should be something thoughtfully designed. Creating the cards is an experimental process – I found that the first few I made were very conventional and as the project progressed became more unusual. The purpose of the project is to show the many ways there are to design a better Metrocard and to promote better design within the city.”

I think it’s worth the time checking out her website.  Here are couple of my favorites:

Check out Melanie’s portfolio in Behance!


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