Motivational Monday: How I Became the First Person in My Family to go to College (from GOOD magazine)

If you want to feel inspired, please take the time to read this article, How I Became the First Person in My Family to Go to College from GOOD.  Anything is possible when you work hard enough, believe in yourself and have a great support system just like this young women here.  

Congratulations!  You are going to do amazing things with your life! You are an inspiration to all young people out there! 🙂

Instagram Fridays: Obama supports same-sex marriage

I found this post yesterday in Obama’s Instagram feed.  I decided to feature this photo because of its photojournalistic impact.  At this point we pretty much know Obama’s views on same sex marriage.  Even though this isn’t a political blog, what I have to say about this is “Bravo!”  I know it’s an election year and that it may be just “too convenient.”  But, I applaud our president for standing up for the basic right to marry the person we love.  I am a supporter of gay marriage because I believe marriage in general is a personal issue that should be between two adults without the need of government intervention.  At the same time, I believe that religious and private organizations should follow their doctrines as they see fit.  What I don’t believe in is force-feeding your views onto other people.

So once again, President Obama, in behalf of my any of my friends and family who identify themselves as gay, thank you.

The Creativity Gap: What’s the Role of Creativity in Society?

Just recently, Adobe conducted a study about creativity. They asked people about their own creativity and its role in the economy, society, workplace and our classrooms. I think the infographic is self-explanatory.

Adobe elaborates on how to close the creativity gap:

So, what can we do to close the creativity gap? First, we need to make time for creativity as well as provide the necessary technology tools and training. Productivity and creativity should not be mutually exclusive – we all need to find ways to create at work, rather than considering it a weekend hobby or luxury for those with more time. As for our educational institutions, they need to foster the growth of the entire child, with more opportunities to participate in arts programs and foster “out of the box” creative thinking. Most importantly, we all need to think of creativity more broadly – it’s not just the domain of professional designers or artists. It’s a critical capability in a successful society and one that is in all of us.

Check out the full report.

NPR’s National Teachers Initiative: A nice pick-me-up for teachers

I stumbled across NPR’s National Teacher Initiative Today.  With all of the teacher bashing that is out there, it’s nice to hear inspiring stories about how teachers and students affect each others’ lives.

Check out the article here:

NPR’s National Teachers Initiative

Don’t forget to thank a teacher! 🙂